The site offers a number of services for handling most bioinformatics problems, presented together in a convenient package for researchers. The services use both our own original algorithms and other open software; the combination aims to provide a way, which is as complete as possible, for processing most common information pipelines.

As the site is under continuous development, we apologize in advance for any errors and for any problems with the presentation of results. We are open for suggestions for improving or extending the site interface and its services; also for "bug" reports. Hopefully this site will be helpful to to the scientific community. Contact us by email to or by posting messages on the forum of the site.

List of services:

The "Homology Screening" service implements a search for bio-sequences that are homologous to an input sequence. (show more).

The "Multiple Alignment" and "Multiple Motifs" services use an accurate and robust multiple alignment algorithm developed by the Genebee group. (show more).

The "Screening by a Patttern" service allows users to screen nucleotide or protein sequences by a regular expression (show more).

The "Phylogenetic Analysis" service can be used to help in the construction of a phylogenetic tree (show more).

The "Homology Modelling" service allows users to build a 3D model of a protein from known pairwise primary sequences, by alignment with a given model. Bri-shur uses the nest program from jackal package by Jason Xiang

The "Structure Alignment" service allows users to compare two 3D models of a proteins. Bri-shur uses the TMalign program by Y. Zhang

The "Alignment Format Conversion" service is based on the Readseq program, and the "Distance Matrix" is an utility which calculates similarity between sequences in a given alignment.

Lasty, we offer a search of the Medline database using some advanced natural language processing techniques to improve the search, and to navigate within the database.

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