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Scripts supporting the research "Comparative analysis of ns5 protein for tick borne encephalitis virus strains"

A pipeline for open-reference clustering and annotation of amplicon sequencing data

Scripts supporting the study of sponge symbionts using models from fractal theory

Scripts supporting the study of endsymbiotic algae chloroplast in sponges from Baikal

Interactive tools for data presentation in microbial ecology



The signs of adaptive mutations identified in the chloroplast genome of the algae endosymbiont of Baikal sponge
Sergey Feranchuk, Natalia Belkova, Lubov Chernogor, Ulyana Potapova, Sergei Belikov
doi: 10.12688/f1000research.15841.1 at f1000research (pdf)


Quantum Transition in Zinc Atoms of Flavavirus Polymerase Triggers the Conformation of the Polymerase Motif F
Uliana Potapova, Sergey Feranchuk, Sergei Belikov
doi: 10.1101/063024 at biorxiv (pdf)

Virtual screening of inhibitors for the Zika virus proteins
Sergey Feranchuk, Uliana Potapova, Sergei Belikov
doi: 10.1101/060798 at biorxiv (pdf)


Regularization of the vacuum fluctuation energy in quantum electrodynamics
I.D.Feranchuk, S.I.Feranchuk
link at arxiv (pdf)


Soliton-like excitation in large-α QED
I.D.Feranchuk and S.I.Feranchuk
link at arxiv (pdf)

Prepared Manuscripts

Synthetic views to traditional herbal medicine derived from text mining of biomedical bibliographies
Submitted to: Journal of Ethnopharmacology (pdf)

Tools and a web server for data analysis and visualization in microbial ecology
Submitted to: Community Ecology (pdf)

Semi-qualitive evaluation of variations in mutation rates for human evolution by phylogeny-based methods
Submitted to: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution (pdf)


Siberian Times, 2016
Gone: endemic Baikal sponge has died completely in several areas of the vast lake (link)

extra materials are available in the list of resources in Russian